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Urethra (female body)

What is Urethra

The urethra is a membranous conduit, which is part of the urinary system, through which urine is expelled from the urinary bladder to the external environment.

The urethra differs between female and urethra and male urethra. The female urethra measures approximately 4 cm, which starts from the bladder ending in the vestibule, between the clitoris and the vagina.

The male urethra measures approximately 16 cm, extending from the bladder to the end of the penis. In the state of erection its longitude is increased. It differs in three parts: prostatic, membranous and spongy.

The prostate is surrounded by the prostate, and it is in this region that its holes and also the ejaculating conduits are located. In the membranous portion flow the holes of the Littre glands. The last part continues through the channel of the corpora cavernosa to finish in the urinary meatus.