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Beans: Food With Good Iron Presence

Which is

Iron is a mineral present in various foods and extremely important for the functioning of the body of humans.

Functions and importance in the body

- It acts on the respiratory process of transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body.

- It is part of the enzymes that act in the process of cellular respiration.

Main diseases caused by lack of iron in the body:

- hypochronic anemia

- Decreased cognitive and psychomotor functions (mainly in children)

- Headache (headache)

- tiredness

- Decreased leukocyte function

It is mainly found in the following sources:

- Broccoli

- Bull's liver

- Soy flour

- Almond

- Bean

- Asparagus

- egg yolk

- Banana

- Lean meat

- Fish

- Seafood

- Cherry

- Boiled Peanuts

- Fig in syrup

- Raw Oatmeal

- Hazelnut

- Spinach

- Chuchu sprout

- Beet


- An adult person has 3 to 5 grams of iron in the body.