Rh factor

Rh factor

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Red blood cells

Introduction - what it is

The Rh blood group is thus known from the fact that the Rh antigen was first identified through research in the blood of a Rhesus monkey.

Rh Factor Characteristics and Information

People who have Rh factor in their red blood cells are identified as Rh + (Rh positive). Those that do not have the Rh antigen are called Rh ֿ (Rh negative).

When performing a blood transfusion, it is necessary to check whether the recipient has Rh-, as otherwise he cannot receive Rh + blood, as his immune system will produce anti-Rh antibodies.

A person from the Rh + blood group may receive both Rh + and Rh fator blood transfusions; Rh- factor people can only receive Rh- blood.

Despite these important differences, blood is the most shared human tissue among people. Blood transfusions, which is total or partial transfer (only blood components such as plasma or red blood cells) is able to save many lives.