Types of Fungi

Types of Fungi

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Bread mold: one of the most common types of mold

Main types of fungi:


Very common in foods and plants. Usually weakens the host. It is microscopic in size and usually generates white spots on fruits and leaves.


Very common in cooking as it is edible.


They are microscopic and unicellular. Very used in the fermentation of pasta and alcoholic beverages. Its reproduction occurs by the budding process.


Composed of hyphae (fungal filament mass). Grows in the shape of cotton flakes. They develop in food (bread, fruits, vegetables, etc.) and also in animal feces.


A kind of edible fungus much appreciated for the different taste. Used in haute cuisine, due to their high price, truffles develop underground.


Appear in humid places. They are used in the production of cheeses and antibiotics.

Wooden ear

They usually grow on tree trunks. They have a shape of shells and can weaken over time the affected tree.


Type of fungus that develops on the skin of humans. They live by digesting the keratin in the skin. They generate some circular spots on the skin. They are more common in children than in adults.