Vibrational Assignments 2 - Biology

Vibrational Assignments 2 - Biology

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Pr(-)Pr (Raman)Lumi-R(+)Lumi-R (Raman)Lumi-R* (Raman)Pfr (+)Pfr (Raman)I* (Raman)AssignmentRef
25572575(Cys, u (S-H))1
17361724( u (C_1=O))1,2,3,4,6
17341722(-COOH (Asp/Glu), u(C=O))1,2
1704( u (C_{19}=O))1,2,3,4,6
1692(amide I (loop/turn)/propionate COOH, u (C=O))1
1687(amide I (loop/turn)/propionate COOH, u (C=O))1
1683(amide I (loop/turn)/propionate COOH, u (C=O))1
1672(amide I (loop/turn))1
1653(amide I (alpha -helical))1,2,3
1653(chromophore^* delta (N-H))1
1653(chromophore^* u (C-C))1,3,4
1631(amide I (eta -structure)/chromophore u (C=C))1,3,5
1614(amide I (eta -structure)^* /chromophore u (C=C))1,3,5
1606(amide I (eta -structure)^* /chromophore u (C=C))1,3,4
1589(chromophore u (C=C))1,3,4,6
16141609(C=C stretch)11
15701554(amide II)1,3,4,5,7,8,9
1537(chromophore u (C=C) + delta (N-H)/ u (C-N) + delta (N-H))1
14911512(chromophore u (C=C) + delta (N-H)/ u (C-N) + delta (N-H))1
14871502(Trp, u (C-N) + delta (C-H) + delta (N-H))1
1246(chromophore u (C-N))1

(Trp^* , u (C-C) + delta (C-H)/HisH, delta (CH_3) + u (C-N) + delta (N-H))

12231230(chromophore u (C-N))1
1209(chromophore u (C-C)/amino acid)1
11771172(chromophore u (C-C)/amino acid)1
11511163(chromophore u (C-N))1
1134(chromophore u (C-N))1
1119(chromophore u (C-N))1
1109(chromophore u (C-N))1
11071099(HisH, u (C-N))1
10851082(chromophore u (C-C)/amino acid)1
1072(chromophore u (C-N))1
1345(C-C ,C-N stretch)11
1629(C_{15}=C_{16} (methine bridge) ,C_{17}=C_{18} (double bond of the d ring))11
16521645(C_4=C_5 (A-B ring) stretch)11
16111602(C_4=C_5, C_9=C_{10}, C_{10}=C_{11}, C_{15}=C_{16})10
794803816(vinyl C_{15)-H hydrogen out-of-plane (HOOP))11
12231056(vinyl C-H in-plane rock)11
1312(vinyl N-H in-plane rock)11
1566(in-phase in-plane N-H rock (localized to B and C rings)11
15601570(N-H rock for C and D rings)11
1302(D-ring N-H rock)11
1302(N-H in-plane rock)11
1112(vinyl C-H rock)11
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